Thinking & Writing Outside The Box!

Alex Cormier was born in Sydney Mines, N.S on September 13th 1988. She grew up as a blonde haired little girl with the last name Guy. Alex spent her childhood on Guy Street with her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents surrounding her. If you ask her, she will tell you they were “The good ole days”. Her earliest memories are going to church every Sunday as a family, biking and playing outside until the street lights came on, and spending many vacations in Margaree and Prince Edward Island. Alex considers her childhood one of the greatest blessings of her life.

Alex’s first book, JUMP WITH BOTH FEET! The encouraging autism journey of a little boy named Em was published in January 2018. She still lives in her hometown with her husband of nine years, Jason,two sons, Emmett and Samuel, and her grandfather (like a father) Poppie Boutilier (to friends who know him, Cecil or Pluck).

She loves Sundays with her boys, music from Johnny Cash to Eminem, and good old fashioned comfort food. Alex is a homeschooling mom and hopes to keep doing it through most or all of her boys school years. She is an autism advocate and believes strongly in bringing more awareness and education to every community.
Alex plans to keep writing and publishing books related to motherhood, autism, and other real life topics that she feels passionately about.

You can find the following publications on Amazon :
JUMP WITH BOTH FEET! The encouraging autism journey of a little boy named Em

Motherhood: A Joyful Exhaustion